I find people are more concerned about calories and numbers than satisfaction. When we learn to listen to hunger and fullness cues and tune in to what nourishes our body, I find that counting anything is absolutely pointless. Some days you are hungrier than others. Some days we use more energy and we need more energy to sustain us.

Intuitive eating doesn’t throw health out the window but it IS about enjoying more, not less. It’s not about throwing caution to the wind and eating as much as we want or whatever we want without awareness. It’s not about deprivation of breakfast or lunch to save up for the big dinner out. It’s about making choices that respect your body.

Here’s how to start (and come back to these 3 things every meal)…

Slow Down. Then slow down some more.

When we’re in constant motion sometimes that motion continues to the dinner table and we’ve inhaled our food without even considering the flavor, texture, or sending a simple gratitude for nourishment.

Tune In & Plug In … to yourself

Notice how you feel after eating foods – your body will tell you what is helpful and what is not. Watch and listen in, it’s a fascinating ride. We are all unique and while some people tolerate dairy just fine, my body says oh heck no. What does your body tell you? And be sure that it’s your body – not your mind. 😉 This journey only leads to a deeper knowing and from that place of knowing is where we can move forward, meal by meal in an unconditional curiosity without judgement.

Enjoy the Experience

The complex flavors mixing together to make your taste buds sing (or cringe!), the mouthfeel, the smell, the texture, the appearance – it’s all a part of this amazing experience we are lucky enough to have as humans. It’s more than eating for survival like . It’s socialization and connection. It’s culture. It’s honoring the intrinsic genius of the body. It’s truly an amazing thing.

3 Ways To Be More Mindful At Your Next Meal

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  • May 10, 2018 at 1:17 pm

    Your last couple of posts have been so good for me to hear! Such an inspiration and a reminder about what is important.


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