Athletes (and in my experience, runners in particular) are notorious about pushing their bodies too hard sometimes without adequate rest and recovery. I know this because I’ve personally experienced it (and it took me multiple shin splints, stress fractures, and IT band issues to finally slow down) and this is what I see as a yoga teacher for athletes. I work closely with runners and athletes to help them perform better and recover faster through nutrition and yoga….so obviously I’m slightly biased here but there are some considerable benefits for how yoga specifically helps runners and athletes.

5 Benefits of a Yoga for Runners and Athletes Class

  1. Yoga is THE Dynamic Complement to Running – Specifically in yoga for runners and athletes classes we stretch muscles that tend to be overused (like quads) and strengthen muscles that may typically be neglected in a training program (like core stabilizing muscles). This dynamic combination creates more balance where with sports and with running in particular, repetition of movements can create imbalances over time.
  2. Yoga breath work will improve your lung capacity – The breath work we use in Yoga for Runners and Athletes classes varies but we focus on diaphragmatic breath that has a host of benefits for running specifically including increased lung capacity (which in turn can increase your endurance), upright posture that promotes proper gait mechanics, and preventing side stitches for many people.
  3. Yoga promotes a positive, focused mindset – If you’ve ever completed a tough race (which we all have at some point), you know the degree of mental fortitude it took to cross the finish line. Elite runners will tell you visualization is a powerful tool that allows them to feel more prepared for their races and training. Through visualization techniques and mantras (repeated words or phrases), you’ll employ the power that many of us don’t set aside time for but can absolutely take your sport to the next level.
  4. Recover from injuries with yoga for runners and athletes while simultaneously prevent additional sport related injuries – The unique part of a yoga practice is that it is low impact and can be beneficial for many running related injuries like plantar fascitis, IT Band Syndrome, runner’s knee, shin splints and others. Because this is a dynamic practice, it’s impossible to only focus or only target one body part. It’s an integrated mind and body practice that has enormous benefit in injury prevention.
  5. It’s dedicated space – We know we should stretch. We know we should foam roll. We know we should do yoga. The reality is that it doesn’t always happen. This class gives you a designated, targeted class that acts as cross training and recovery. The hardest part is often showing up.

I’d love to see you in the next Yoga for Runners and Athletes class and feel the difference yoga can make in your running.

Yoga for Runners and Athletes classes start Monday, June 10th! Classes are every Monday (except 1st Monday of the Month) at the Center for Love and Light event space (1145 Zonolite Road NE, Suite 7, Atlanta, GA 30306),  6:30-7:30pm, $16. Register at: under “Services” -> “Book Online” ….let me know if you have any questions and can’t wait to see you there!

5 Benefits of Yoga for Runners and Athletes

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