This week’s Tuesday Tidbit takes a closer look at foods I’ve really been into so far this season and why. It’s currently FNCE time – aka a huge Dietitian and Nutrition Conference that I LOVE but wasn’t able to go this year.
So I was inspired for this week’s post by the HUGE amount of new foods to try there and thought, “maybe other people want to try some foods out too?!” …or at least see what a dietitian eats. 🙂

Spiralized Noodles – While I do have a spiralizer, it was not one of the few kitchen gadgets I brought along this year’s Poppyseed adventure – although somehow our Vitamix made it (I know, right?! Super crazy. It didn’t take long jettison it with family for the time being lol). So are the prepared spiralized noodles more expensive than if you create your own? Yes. Are they fun? Yes. Do they get you another serving of vegetables? Yes. Done deal.

Vegetable Bouillon – This brand has been a favorite for a while because it’s super tasty (I use just this for seasoning sometimes and people ask what I used – for reals!)…also, it has honest ingredients. I also prefer to buy bouillon vs broth to limit my carbon footprint and paying extra for the transportation of water in already reconstituted broths.

Maple Tempeh strips – These guys are my “it’s sort of like bacon” bacon for family members lately. It’s never going to be bacon, no, but it is going to be heart healthy with probiotics. Is that something you can get down with once a week I ask them? Usually the answer is yes. Or some cheeky response still followed by consumption.

Earth balance sticks – Holiday baking is around the corner (maybe it also feels that way because snow is expected this week – what the heck?!) and these sticks provide an easy dairy free, non-hydrogenated substitute that inadvertently provides 25% of your ALA omega-3s in a serving.

Frozen Butternut Squash – I am all about roasting and toasting my own squash, but I also crave squash-y soup this time of year and the frozen variety saves me a ton of time. Just yesterday I cooked 1 cup dry lentils + broth/bouillon/6cups agua + this package of butternut squash cubes + chopped spinach stirred in at the end for some delish 4 ingredient decadent soup!

What are you eating/into this season?? I’m always so curious to see what others are buying because food should be fun and eating is an experience – one that cultivates a non-judgmental curiosity creating as sense of observation, savoring, and enjoyment.

5 Foods I’m Into This Fall
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