If you are in need of simply sprucing up your day and adding more good for you green superfoods, I’ve listen a few and included and some of my favorite ways to eat them.

    1. Kale – because how can you not feel like you’re on a healthier path when kale is involved?!
    2. Avocado – again, how can you not feel part of a cultural health movement with avocado? But for real, it packs all the good fats to keep you satisfied and happy. Like most Instagram loving millennials, I must say, my favorite is avocado toast sprinkled with Trader Joes Everything Bagel Seasoning.
    3. Cabbage – this cancer fighting cruciferous vegetable is simple and powerful…especially when sliced, diced, and sauteed with olive oil + salt+ pepper
    4. Brussel Sprouts –  another cruciferous vegetable that is loaded with micronutrients with a cup providing more vitamin C than a small orange. I prefer to cut them in half, roasted at 400 for about 25 minutes with olive oil, maple syrup, and Herbamare Herbed Sea Salt (I use this seasoning on just about everything!)
    5. Peas – Growing up, during lent we would regularly eat creamed peas on toast. Literally a can of peas drained + cream of mushroom soup over toast. This had to be the ultimate homely meal but it was pure cozy comfort at the time. Now, my Midwest taste buds have been exposed to so many other flavors that I don’t think I could go back, but I do still enjoy peas mixed into rice or served on their own. With eight grams of protein, seven grams of fiber, plus a hefty dose of iron (11% DV) and vitamin A (22% DV) per cup, these green gems are indeed a superfood. Note: I’ve found organic forzen peas tend to be extra sweet and delish.
    6. Zucchini – spiralized zucchini is one of my absolute favorites. Zoodles can be mixed into regular noodles as a great entry point or consumed on their own. This is one of my favorite recipes that I adapt and switch out the chicken for tempeh/tofu, the chicken broth for veg broth, and nutritional yeast in place of parm.
    7. Spinach – Literally – is there a day that I don’t include spinach into something? Unlikely. It stirs into soups and stir fries and cooks so stinking fast. Spinach contains a laundry list of micronutrients including vitamin A, vitamin C, iron, calcium, several B vitamins, vitamin K, and potassium.
    8. Kiwi – Another superfood that has more vitamin C than an orange, kiwis are also fat free but high in vitamin E (a fat soluble vitamin/antioxidant) and super high in vitamin K. Maybe these unique traits come from the fact  kiwis were once considered exotic. I remember it was such a treat when my mom would bring one home, so to this day my favorite way is to savor it as it is, on it’s own. Superfood simplicity at it’s finest.

Did I miss one of your favorite green superfoods? Remember, superfoods are more than exotic fruits and vegetables that cost a fortune…there’s so much goodness wrapped up in these simple everyday foods. Simple is beautiful. It also makes life a lot easier. 🙂



8 Green Superfoods for Everyday

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