My yoga + mindfulness + nutrition program starts soon and the whole premise is simplicity and blooming where you’re planted. That’s right, it doesn’t matter where you’re starting, you’ll benefit from straightforward yoga, nutrition to nourish, simple and effective meditation and breath work that’s effective. I’m SO excited to share this with you and I wanted to give you a taste of what you could expect as the 4 week program includes a total of eight 20 – 35 minute yoga sessions you can fit into your day. I look forward to helping you with body specific and whole body sequences. The particular sequence I’m sharing today is one that you can do at work in 10 minutes to hit all the hot spots. If you have more than 10 minutes, hold the poses for a few more breaths. Also, even if you don’t have time during your workday, this is a great short sequence to unravel all that slump and slouch (and get you feeling better in your body).  You don’t have to change clothes or drive to a class. You just have to show up as you are.

Before you get to the video, or if you need more motivation to try it out, check out why I think you should do yoga at work:

  1. Increases clarity. When we breathe unconsciously, the breath is short and shallow which increases stress and anxiety. But choosing to take a few deep breaths, it sends oxygen to our brain so we can think clearer and calmer. So maybe when feeling really worked up with a project, remind yourself to take a few deep breaths (even if it seems like the last thing you have time for 😉 ).
  2. Improves posture. It’s a known fact that long hours at our computers and desks wreaks havoc on our posture. We tend to disengage our core, back, and glute muscles and it can create some serious imbalances in our body. Increase your confidence and productivity simply from sitting taller with yoga poses that counter the imbalances.
  3. We are meant for movement and I’m a firm believer a body in motion stays in motion. If we become stagnant creatures of habit, our muscles and connective tissue become less pliable which increases stiffness, aches, pains, and even increases the risk of injury and falls as we age.
  4. Stress reducer. Our work and life responsibilities are ever growing. Yoga offers the perfect balance. When I first started yoga, it pained me to be still. Little did I know at the time, that’s EXACTLY the balance I needed to my go-go-go lifestyle. It helped me become a lot more relaxed and at ease with all that I can’t control (which is basically everything). It’s still a challenge, but hence why yoga is called a practice.
  5. Why Not? You wouldn’t want half a paycheck, would you? Doubtful. You likely want the whole paycheck. Well, with yoga, it’s the whole package – flexibility, mobility, strength and the only mind body practice that can be practiced anywhere. A few minutes can make a big difference.


I’m curious, how often do you practice yoga? Do you practice any yoga at work?

In gratitude,


5 Reasons To Do Yoga at Work and Bonus: 10 minute Video

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