Have you ever roasted a delectable pan of veggies only to have the caramelized syrup stick so much that you’ve actually considered throwing out the pan all together? Of course this is not the rational choice. But boy, it can sure feel rational compared to cleaning that tough stuff. Because to my sticky pan cleaning peeps out there, you know that when you do get it off (an hour later), there’s an etched black charcoal like stain that will make it look old and worn after a few uses. Have you ever used a cookie sheet thinking for sure everything will stay planted but then the pan tilts and the juices run off to start smoking in the oven? Or have you broiled the last few minutes to get the food extra crispy but your pan warps, causing a landslide mess to one corner of the pan? And what about when you put biscuits in the oven but they come out unevenly cooked and you either have burnt bottoms or doughy centers. These everyday annoyances can be tossed out the window with Pampered Chef’s Half Sheet Pan. I kid you not.

Roasted and Toasted

I honestly didn’t know I (or my husband!) would be so jazzed about a professional grade pan. I never thought too much about my warped sticky black pans. I simply thought this was the normal. I used parchment paper for years to minimize stick and clean up but the inner environmentalist in me started to think we used too much. I mean, we roast and toast a lot of veggies!

I couldn’t help but think there had to be a better pan out there but I also didn’t think I had a motive to buy a new one.  We already had a few options from Target, Wal-Mart, and Amazon in the typical $9.99 to $19.99 range but they all were terrible in one way or another. So, I went with the “I guess I’ll keep using mine” mentality or the donate/replace mentality. But seriously – who has time (or money) for that pattern of buy more/waste more because they are all crap?! I needed one that would rock my socks off and I didn’t understand why it had to be so difficult to find a high quality everyday kitchen product.

Then it was as if the high heavens opened, the clouds parted, the radiance from the sun beamed, and down came Pampered Chef’s Half Sheet Pan. Maybe it wasn’t quite like that, but it should have been because that’s how much affection I have for this durable, functional product. Some people save up for jewelry; I’m saving up for another pan (or three) to sheet pan the heck out of everything. That’s how much I love it.

Roasted Vegetables are usually the main event 😉

I could go on and on about my hard core pan crush, but let me tell you what you’re working with…

  • An awesome non-stick coating that works time after time
  • 1 inch rolled edges so you can pile the food without it falling off
  • $26.50 – this is a STEAL when you think about how many times you’ve had to replace pans or how much you’ve spent on crappy pans in general
  • Heavy-gauge aluminized steel that will resist corrosion and provide even heat distribution (no more unevenly baked biscuits!)
  • 12” x 17” x 1” aka the perfect size for sheet pan dinners or a large batch of cookies 😉
  • It won’t warp – even in the broiler!
  • Broiler + Freezer + Dishwasher Safe
  • Three Year Guarantee (I bet it lasts five times that long, easy)
  • Makes a great gift for first kitchens and weddings
  • Even if you don’t “cook,” you’ll put something in the oven at some point and if you have crappy pans, your food is more likely to turn out crappy which is going to perpetuate the crazy idea that you don’t cook. Trust me, use a tool that makes you look/feel like a chef!
Easy, breezy, beautiful cleanup!

So, you may be wondering…why did I try it in the first place if I didn’t think I even needed one?  Well, the Half Sheet Pan is a new product from the Pampered Chef Fall and Winter 2017 catalog. More than anything, I feel obligated to try things out before helping people decide what will be best for their kitchen. Now that I’ve used the Pampered Chef Half Sheet Pan, I see that I did need a new pan, one that wasn’t a guaranteed mess maker like the gooped/warped pile I already have. The Half Sheet Pan couples the sturdiness of a tool you’d find in a commercial kitchen with the functionality and sheen you crave in an everyday kitchen.

If you want to get your very own magical super-amazing, non-stick, stop a bullet with it, Pampered Chef pan, you can buy one by going HERE. Thanks for visiting and happy cooking!

I’m in Love With A Pan, Ya’ll

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