This seems to be a never ending circle of questions – are they different? Which product is better? Which product do I like/use? What’s the difference? …

The answer is isn’t as black and white as some people may like. Kind of like nutrition – there’s not a one size fits all and there’s not one choice that’s better than the other. Just like our food choices reflect our lifestyle. For example, we may be a grab and go person or a home cooked meal person. However, more fitting is that we likely linger in the middle, right? It’s not here or there. It’s not this or that. Rather it is the duality of this AND that. Here AND there. It’s both depending on our day, experiences, schedule, mood…our everything!

The same analogy could be applied to two of my all-time favorite Pampered Chef tools, the Manual Food Processor and the Food Chopper. If you have neither one, you don’t know what you’re missing. Helpful kitchen tools make cooking easier, faster, and SO much more enjoyable – who doesn’t want that??

The Manual Food Processor is non-electric and so much more compact than a countertop electrical one. You can take it to a picnic or gathering where you want fresh and because it’s a smaller tool and the pump handle neatly locks and gets tucked away for easy storage. Plus, I already have an awesome blender (hey Vitamix hey!) and I can’t even imagine having another tool that does more blending after a few pulses compared to a true chop, mix, and blend function. I mean, is it just me or does anyone else get annoyed by the stages of a typical food processor? **IMAGE: 1 pulse (nope, not quite), 3 pulses (a little bit more), 5 pulses (oh crap, its now a hummus consistency).**

Pampered Chef’s Manual Food Processor is great for everyday chopping of onions if you have sensitive eyes. I mean, cutting an onion does not have to be an emotional experience. 😉 It holds 3 cups, making it my go-to for guacamole, salsa, and broccoli salads where I want to chop and blend at the same time. The silicone ring on the bottom keeps it in place, so I can start and finish within a few minutes and without having to adjust! When you’re done mixing and chopping, the handy dandy lid converts the bowl to a storage container until serving time or to keep the leftovers in the fridge. Even better yet? The cleanup! The bowl, lid, and blade are all dishwasher safe.

The Food Chopper on the other hand is better for chopping hard foods individually. I use it regularly for onions, garlic, carrots, mushrooms, celery and every kind of nut for baking and breakfast delights. The tool has been one of the most popular products since its launch and it’s easy to see why! I cannot express to you as a vegan who serves up veggie filled dishes every day, how much time this has saved me over the years. I chop larger amounts of foods on a cutting board and don’t even worry about the base most of the time. This is especially true for foods that would stain or leave a smell (garlic, onions, carrots, ginger, etc). The Food Chopper lets you control the size of the chopped foods by how many times you press the plunger while you can watch through the clear collar. So when I am serving to picky eaters, I cut the vegetables smaller so they won’t even notice in the marinara, lentil meatloaf, soups, or casseroles. 😉 Yet if I know my loved ones love texture, I leave them bigger! Easy peasy. PS: I’ve had some people tell me they love the food chopper as a therapeutic use to release frustration and anger! J

So which is better? Neither. Depends on your purpose but if your goal is aligned to the tool, it will make your life SO much easier and you’ll wonder where it’s been hiding all of your life. I especially love telling people about these products because even if they are out of someone’s budget, by hosting a party you can get them for free. My goal is to get people in the kitchen more often with nourishing foods and if there are products that make that easier, it’s a no brainer. However, if cost is ever a barrier to cooking with ease and joy…I like to remind people…where else can you get high quality kitchen products you will use every day for free? Try walking into Target and telling them you want a kitchen tool for free or even half price. They will laugh you out of the store! Plus, those inexpensive options will get replaced several times over Pampered Chef products and you’ll end up spending more money anyway with more of a kitchen headache. Why does that sound like a good idea?? Anyway, I love these products, people love these products, and I know you’ll love them too. I LOVE hearing from you – do you have either of these? Which one would you use more often?

Pampered Chef Food Chopper vs. Manual Food Processor – What’s the difference?

2 thoughts on “Pampered Chef Food Chopper vs. Manual Food Processor – What’s the difference?

  • September 9, 2018 at 11:24 am

    I love the manual processor most.
    1)As there was no risk an accident like electric.
    2) It can easily carry anywhere
    3) It is cost saving machine

    • September 10, 2018 at 1:11 pm

      All very true! The manual food processor is a gem!


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