As I think about my favorite products, I’m also thinking – maybe I should have done the top 20 list or 25 because 10? Holy cow how do I narrow it down? If you have used Pampered Chef products before, you likely understand the challenge. If you haven’t used them, maybe this will encourage you to try them one by one.

My mom has used Pampered Chef for YEARS. I remember as a kid back in the mid 90s LOVING the cut-n-seal as I hated the crust on sandwiches. I also remember spending hours holiday baking with her and my sister in the kitchen – using the ‘fun’ food chopper to chop all the nuts for the holiday treats. Fast forward to 2015 when my mom and sister threw me a Pampered Chef bridal shower. Up until this point I had one Pampered Chef Mix and Scraper and that was it. I honestly didn’t even know they had bridal registries! But I remember thinking, how lucky am I to start our kitchen with such high quality products that will match?! These products were QUITE the upgrade from all the cheap college pieces that were flimsy and hardly keeping themselves together. I knew the Pampered Chef products would last for years and years to come – especially if my mom’s stock pile growing from the early 1990s is any indication. 🙂

  1. Just because I LOVE these products, I also consider myself a minimalist who chooses experiences over things EVERYDAY (hence why my husband and I quit our jobs to travel for a year). However, as a Dietitian and Yoga Instructor, I’m all about intuitively eating nourishing foods but I don’t believe you should spend hours in the kitchen (unless of course that’s your jam). That’s where Pampered Chef steps in. I’m consistently amazed at how useful/practical/easy/beautiful these products are that help me reach my goals of providing nourishing foods to those I love faster.
  2. There’s a misconception that Pampered Chef is expensive. First, over half the catalog is under $25. Second, the host benefits are INSANE. At my bridal shower I remember I was so overwhelmed with all the free goodies headed my way, I didn’t know what to pick (that’s why I’m helping you now!) but hosting a party means that you can keep the more expensive products like the skillet I’m in love with and the knife set that runs a mean race against any high quality name out there – plus when they are half price, you’re talking $184.50 for the block and all! If you’ve shopped around for high quality knives, you know this is an awesome deal. Trust, they work even better than others with a lifetime guarantee. That’s right – high quality, great price, AND a company that stands behind their product.
  3. We all eat and spend a crazy amount of time in the kitchen cooking/eating/conversing, so how is it that husbands/significant others/we ourselves can justify spending $200+ on a cocktail dress for a wedding reception (that we wear once), a snow blower (that we only use for a fraction of the year unless you live in Nordic country, totally get that! J), or a road bike for a New Year’s Resolution (that we never ride after month 2)?? Yet, when we talk about high quality kitchen products that you will use EVERYDAY and that will LAST, it all of a sudden becomes too much. Boggles my fregging mind.

Ok, I’ll quit blabbering and give you the goods you came for …my top 10 favorite Pampered Chef products 🙂

Coated Utility Knife – Say goodbye to frustrating meal prep with crappy knives with this guy. …it’s kind of like your Toyota Corolla of the car world – insanely reliable, gets the everyday job done at a fantastic price point, especially for new grads or those first apartments. I really like it for camping/traveling (yep, that happened on our yearlong adventures!) because it’s SO versatile and comes with a storage cover for easy transport. Don’t let the bright green fool you – this knife is a basic top knotch.

Forged Cutlery – If the coated utility knife is the Corolla, this is the Mercedes. They truly are best in class and I never knew that aside from insane quality there could be the Pampered Chef ‘extra’ touches like the ergonomic handle, the grip guide (so you know where to place your fingers for the most control/balance to stay safe), and a lifetime guarantee.

Half Sheet Pan – this new item has jumped right up onto my favorites. And you might think, it’s a sheet pan. Yes, it is, but it’s not like any other…it’s crazy durable meaning it won’t pop or warp under the broiler and comes with a slick non-stick coating that keeps it looking new time after time (cue the no gunk sheet pan!). This gets used at least weekly for a roasted sheet pan dinner!

Rockcrok- 4qt Dutch Oven – Finally a piece of cookware that does it all so I don’t have to have 5 different pieces because they all have different uses. This clay coated non-stick gem can saute, simmer, fry, boil, bake, microwave, grill, and most recently turn into a slow cooker. Plus when it’s all said and done – pop this baby in the dishwasher!

Food Chopper – If you’re nuts about nuts, carrots, apples, peppers, onions….this will make chopping any hard dry-ish food a breeze. I prefer to chop on the cutting board because I’m usually always chopping in large batches!

1 cup Prep Bowls – holy versatility! Why?? Taco fixings, storage of ingredients and leftovers, plus using them on all platforms (freezer+fridge/microwave/oven/dishwasher)….these were one of the products on my registry that I didn’t anticipate just how useful for everyday goodness they would become.

Mix & Scraper – it’s just a must – the ‘scoop’ part is large enough to act as a spoon and the scraper cleans everything so well. These guys won’t crack, stain, or melt which is why they will last forever.

Smooth Edge Can Opener – we all need a can opener, right? But have you ever had that moment where you cut your finger on the edge of a can you just opened?! If you have, you know it’s one of the most throbbing slices! Safety first – plus it’s crazy easy and mess free time and time again.

Easy Read Measuring Cup Set – Skip the guessing because the cups are angled so you can easily see how much you’re working with! No more mess and handles so well. Again, I would not have guessed that something as simple as a measuring cup had so many unspoken awesome perks to it.

Toaster Oven Pan – The stoneware is really what put Pampered Chef on the map years ago and the tradition continues. I really like this size because we use our toaster oven a lot and it’s difficult to find pans that work well in it (ours stays in all the time). Baked goods get crisp (hey leftover pizza hey!) and veggies stay juicy. The more you use it, the more non-stick it becomes and the darker it looks, the better it cooks!


Ok, so there you have it – the 10 best Pampered Chef tools from a practical Dietitian who loves to inspire people to nourish their bodies. Cooking doesn’t have to be hard, difficult, or complicated. When you have the right tools, it becomes SO much easier to nourish your body. If you have questions or if you agree/disagree, comment below and let me know – I’d love to help you in any way I can!

The Top 10 Pampered Chef Tools Your Kitchen Needs

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