Hey, I’m Morgan. I’m a vegan dietitian yoga teacher but I bet I’m not like most vegans or dietitians or yoga teachers you’ve met.

I’m vegan, but I don’t think you need to be. I’m a supporter of a plant-based lifestyle but I think it’s important to honor your preferences and priorities. Eating has the potential to be a trustful, nourishing experience for you and your body but not at the expense of rigid rules that dictate your food choices. If you want to be a vegan and need support to ensure your needs are being met, great – I can help. If you are a runner and love eating eggs but not sure how to refuel, perfect – I can help. Just like we all wear different pant sizes, we all have different nutrition needs and any diet or way of eating that’s “one size fits all” is inherently flawed from the start (and should make you run in the other direction).

I’m a dietitian, but I will tell you to eat the cookie if you want the cookie. Flexibility and moderation may not be the sexy sales-driving message, but they are the keys to building a better relationship with food and your body. I also believe in the power of simplicity and joy and over and over again I work to give my clients the tools to make eating simple and enjoyable.

I’m a yoga teacher, but I believe yoga is truly for every BODY and will focus more on joyful movement than a pretty pose (that most people find intimidating). I believe that our bodies were meant to move. Not move in a militant exercise way but in a way where joy and consistency can converge for the sake of your health and well-being.

My wellness philosophy: 

Moving in the direction of a better you should not drive you crazy. You do not have to go to extremes to be healthy. In fact, many extremes leave us unhealthy and unhappy. You do not need a cleanse or another set of rules. You need a deliberate mindset that truly nourishes your physical, mental, and emotional state. Are you with me??

I find that far too many people have broken relationships with their bodies or food that limits their potential for experiencing life to the fullest. At the end of the day, if I can make one person feel better…mission accomplished. Because when you feel good in your body, you have a whole lot more free time to focus on joy and the important things in life. And that my friend, is irreplaceable.

Curious to know more?

1. I’ve disliked meat since as long as I can remember so although I tried to people please and conform to society for a long time, I was mostly vegetarian until going vegan in 2010.

2. However, if you think that a vegan dietitian yogi doesn’t eat chocolate or bread… let me tell you that some of my favorite foods involve a good piece of dark chocolate or a fresh piece of French bread. But let’s not forget about the magical combination of an apple with peanut butter (my daily).

3. I have to restrain from buying a truck load of office supplies when it’s back to school time but I do have a stash of Pilot G2 .5 pens in just about every random place (just in case I need a good pen!).

4. Need me on a Saturday afternoon? Check the library. I love scrolling through the beautiful pictures and get ideas but it’s a really big deal if I actually follow a recipe in a book. I’m terrible at living within recipe rules.

5. I’m an auditory learner and listening to podcasts is my other favorite hobby.

6. I once lived inside a 2006 Honda Pilot (that I lovingly call Poppyseed) with my husband while we traveled across the country (+ world) for a year-ish. It was the best year of my life.

7. I was a horrible yoga student that would walk out of savasana (the relaxation at the end) in the beginning. Yoga is not be a field of unicorns and puppies. It’s a practice that you have to show up for to see the benefits.

8. Any farmer’s market brings me joy but I do get seriously annoyed at the ones popping up that are stupid expensive and posh. I want community and local food/goods, not price gauged goods because all of a sudden it’s trendy.

9. Speaking of trendy, sometimes I think I should be like the other “cool” kids and give up coffee or switch to decaf but then I realize that it’s one of my greatest pleasures and I’ve got no time for that nonsense.

10. Wearing socks gives me serious displeasure…I am barefoot 95% of the time. Unless I’m in Minnesota with family during the winter. Then…ALL the layers.

11. Whenever I get to cook with or for family, it feels like the best day ever. Never underestimate the power of a meal cooked with love.

In Gratitude,


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University of North Dakota – Bachelor of Science in Dietetics with a Minor in Chemistry

Northeastern University – Masters of Science in Applied Nutrition with emphasis on Sports Nutrition

200 hr RYT certified with Yoga Loft Tampa – Ashley Thesier

200 hr YogaHour certified with Tough Love Yoga – Darren Rhodes and Neda Honarvar