Hey, I’m Morgan. I’m a vegan dietitian yoga teacher who loves helping people feel good in their bodies!

I make vegan cooking simple, straightforward, and delicious so everyone can appreciate eating more plants..and not just because they are good for you but because they can taste amazing! (And I’m a firm believer that cooking and eating should be enjoyable and satisfying).

I show women how to nourish their bodies with plant-based foods for fertility, throughout pregnancy, and during breastfeeding (while saving time and learning to love their bodies!).

I teach runners how to properly fuel their bodies and then how to actually enjoy yoga while preventing injury and those pesky aches and pains.

I give busy plant-based professionals creative solutions to some of meal time’s toughest challenges.

I help people transition to a vegan diet to make like a little easier.

At the end of the day, I help people feel not just better but I help people feel really freaking good in their bodies. And when you feel good in your body, you have a whole lot more free time to focus on joy and the important things in life.

I’ve got over 10 years of working as a Registered Dietitian but I didn’t have a smooth ride into entrepreneurship. Most of those years were spent working full-time in a hospital setting while side hustling a private practice focused predominately on plant-based foods. It took several years of doubts, hesitation, continued learning and growing to realize I wanted a more well-rounded approach to helping people.

After completing yoga training in 2012, it finally felt like I was helping people with more than what was on their plate. My style of yoga teaching and nutrition education is focused on form and function but with a heavy dose of simplicity (because why do we need to make life more complicated than it is?!), intuition (because the body knows), and joy (because what is life without it?!).

I’m highly perceptive, passionate, and live for helping people feel good in their bodies.

Curious to know more?

1. Vegetarian since birth practically (I’ve always disliked meat). Vegan since 2010. Dietitian since 2007. Yoga Enthusiast since  2009. Lover of learning since birth.

2. If you think Dietitians or Yogis don’t eat chocolate or bread, let me tell you that some of my favorite foods involve a good piece of dark chocolate or a fresh piece of French bread. But let’s not forget about the magical combination of an apple with peanut butter (my daily).

3.      I have always adored office supplies and have to restrain from buying a truck load when it’s back to school time but I do always have a stockpile of Pilot G2 05 pens in just about every random place (just in case I need a good pen!).

4.      I mostly buy cookbooks to scroll through the beautiful pictures and get ideas but it’s a really big deal if I actually follow a recipe in a book. I’m terrible at living within recipe rules.

5.      I’m an auditory learner and listening to podcasts is my favorite hobby so I make time for it daily (because I think it’s important to prioritize joy).

6.      I once lived inside a 2006 Honda Pilot (that I lovingly call Poppyseed) with my husband while we traveled across the country (+ world) for a year-ish. It was the best year of my life. Aside from the painful downsizing that eventually ended up being really awesome.

7.      Yoga is such an integral part of my life these days but I legit hated it at first. I was a horrible student that would walk out of savasana (the relaxation at the end). So, trust me when I say I get it. Because it may not be a field of unicorns and puppies. It’s a practice that you have to show up for to see the benefits.

8.      Any farmer’s market brings me joy but I do get seriously annoyed at the ones popping up that are stupid expensive and posh. I want community and local food/goods, not price gauged goods because all of a sudden it’s trendy.

9.      Speaking of trendy, sometimes I think I should be like the other “cool” kids and give up coffee but then I realize that it’s one of my greatest pleasures and I’ve got no time for that nonsense.

10.      Wearing socks gives me serious displeasure…I am barefoot 95% of the time. Unless I’m in Minnesota with family during the winter. Then…ALL the layers.

11.   Whenever I get to cook with or for family, it feels like the best day ever. Never underestimate the power of a meal cooked with love.


In Gratitude,

Morgan, RDN, E-RYT

Vegan Dietitian

Yoga Teacher