4 Pack – Private Yoga Session




Each 60 minute private lesson is sequenced differently depending on your goals and needs. You may benefit from a private yoga session with me if:

  • you are an athlete or runner looking to yoga as a counterbalance to training
  • interested in yoga to help rehab an athletic or other injury (must get clearance from medical team if the injury is acute)
  • you want an alignment based yoga teacher making sure that you’re doing it “right”
  • you want to do yoga in the comfort of your own home
  • you’d rather not drive and go to a studio but rather have the resource come to you
  • you want to track progression and be held accountable

My classes are not heated and I can bring props/mats to you if needed. Private yoga sessions are for all levels but I specialize in sports specific yoga (yoga for runners, yoga for cyclists, yoga for golf, yoga for swimming, etc) and understanding the needs of the athlete.

If you are interested in group yoga sessions (post-run group yoga, bachelor/bachelorette yoga, workplace yoga and mindfulness) or multiple private sessions, reach out!

4 Pack – Private Yoga Session


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