Full Monty – 6 Month Nutrition and Wellness Program



I am committed 110% to my clients and I want the best for you. While each person is different, there hasn’t been a person I’ve worked with that hasn’t benefited from more accountability and additional support. Pick a package that works for you and please reach out if you have questions.

This package is perfect if you have a long history of diet mentality and you’re ready to find food freedom and repair your relationship with food. Whether you have a sensitive gut and you’re learning how to trust your body and feel safe around food (while finding what works for you) or you have a history of yo-yo dieting and you’re ready for real lasting changes, this is the mindset and foundation shift you’re looking for.

The Full Monty Offering:

  • Initial Consult – 60 minute phone or video consult to discuss all the things, set up an action plan, and put in place tangible steps towards your goals
  • Meal Plan – Your meal plan is a labor of love considering any and all lifestyle factors, preferences, and goals and is tailored to provide you with the most individualized attention.
  • 6 Follow-Ups – 1 every month – 30 minute phone or video sessions to discuss challenges, recipe inspiration, self-care, body kindness work, and consistent action steps to help you reach your health goals
  • 6 months of dedicated text and e-mail support …because it’s important to nurture healthy changes with professionals
  • Bonus – Ongoing tailored exercises and activities to help you reach your health goals
Full Monty – 6 Month Nutrition and Wellness Program


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