Energized – 3 Month Nutrition and Wellness Program (most popular)



While each person is different, there hasn’t been a person I’ve worked with that hasn’t benefited from more accountability and additional support. Pick a package that works for you and please reach out if you have questions.

Want a little more accountability and support than just a Kickstart? The Energized package will help not only get the ball rolling but KEEP it rolling.

As mentioned with the Kickstart package, if you have particular GI conditions or deeply engrained patterns, it is my experience that you may benefit the most from the Full Monty package for long lasting health changes.

Energized Offering:

  • Initial Consult – 60 minute phone or video consult to discuss your habits, goals, and preferences. You will leave the consult with an action plan, and put in place tangible steps towards your goals
  • Meal Plan – Your meal plan is a labor of love considering any and all lifestyle factors, preferences, and goals and is tailored to provide you with the most individualized attention.
  • 3 Follow-Ups – 15-30 minute phone or video sessions 1-2 weeks after initial session to discuss challenges, recipe inspiration, accountability and encouragement. I’m in your corner 110% – let’s do this!
  • 3 months of support via text and e-mail to help you implement recommendations and create the foundation for change.
  • Bonus – Snack Options or On-The-Go Options catered to your lifestyle.
Energized – 3 Month Nutrition and Wellness Program (most popular)


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