140718MorganZinsliYOGA-7 (1)I offer students a unique blend of mindfulness, balance, and lighthearted playfulness. Drawn to yoga to compliment my active lifestyle, I’ve found yoga to be the ideal foundation for not only improving athletic performance but finding inner peace.

However, it was not love at first downdog. I strongly disliked my first several classes and I can totally relate to anyone who doesn’t dig it right away. It was uncomfortable for me and years of running made my body SO much stiffer than anyone in the class (or so it seemed).

Once I started teaching, I knew I wanted to offer accessible, no non-sense, effective yoga for everyone but particularly athletes. I create a space that not only resonates with athletes but takes you to the next level. It’s kind of my special sauce.

You know what else is my special sauce? Making yoga accessible to beginners and busy professionals. I get so super excited about it because I KNOW how much of a difference yoga can make in people’s lives. I’ve experienced it and seen it in others. Now it’s my opportunity to share this gift with each and every one of you. I can hardly wait to meet you on the mat!

Until that happens, here is a dabble of what some folks have to say:

“I love this class. It’s the perfect mix of flow and restorative. And it really is geared toward athletes who don’t need another exhausting workout, but a good mix of stretching and strengthening. Morgan is a dynamic instructor who really speaks to the athletic body and mind. The only yoga class I have ever loved.”

“Morgan is my favorite yoga instructor. She’s so relaxing and helpful.”

“Morgan was great. Different than a normal flow class.”

“This is one of the best yoga classes in Atlanta. It’s never he same class twice and I love the variety. I always feel challenged and love when I can accomplish a new pose or go deeper into one I already am accustomed to because Morgan really breaks down what each pose is for and what you should be feeling. I highly recommend this class!”

Practice with me on YouTube:

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